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Pacing? Novel vs. Short Story

KyleColorado;1455084 said:
If I were forced at gunpoint to define my niche as a writer, I would blurt out "short stories", before bargaining for my life.

My question is, how can a short-story writer traverse the bridge of several hundred pages into the realm of novels?

In my few, and futile, attempts at novel writing, I found my pacing slows down to a snail's speed. Instead of conveying moments and ideas with a sweeping hand, like I do with short stories, I find myself narrowing the narrative into minute, tiny details, where a single act of drinking a glass of water may very well stretch into several paragraphs until my reader collapses in exhaustion.

The alternative, of course, is to use my usual narrative pacing. The result of which is my plot being resolved and completed within a few pages.

Has anyone struggled with this? What's the trick I'm missing here?

Perhaps I should just stick to my niche, and let the gunman find a new writer to torment. Short-stories aren't so bad, after all.

Short story artists and novelists, any wisdom is much appreciated.


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