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Overcoming Writer's block

Not a whole bunch to say in this post, I think the title really says it all ultimately. I recently went through a rather large block on my creative and motivational ability to write anything at all. To say it was frustrating is an understatement. Don't get me wrong, I've experienced writer's block before, it's something that comes with being in school and having to write paper after paper; eventually the trivial nature of school bogs you down and you lose all will to persevere. However, I've never experienced writer's block on my creative will and desire to write, so having this happen to me now felt like a part of me just shriveled up and died. That's a very commonplace way to put it, but honestly I found that I couldn't even write a simple letter, at work editing a script felt like a slog, even writing about an experience that really had significant meaning to me felt forced and contrived. I couldn't even read without feeling just inadequate for not writing a single word.

I think that the malaise has passed now, thankfully, so hopefully you all will be seeing more blog posts popping up with my name on them and I'll get back to posting on a regular basis. Now that I'm moving past this block, I know that I'll be stronger in the future for when this happens again, and I know ways of coping with it now. I just wish I could forgo the pain of it and never have to feel blocked again. Oh well though, c'est la vie.

Et en la vie, nous devions persevere.


Congratulations on kicking out. I've been in a funk for a few weeks now and I am glad you're no longer feeling the helplessness of it. :)

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