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Outhouse Overhaul

14 June 2012

Out House Overhaul!

Mike’s field-latrine had seen better days. Indeed it needed an overhaul.

Perhaps against my better judgement I pushed Mike into making this a priority on day 2.
We managed to incinerate the human waste after several hours but it was a tricky job and tempers flared late in the day!

We finished off the Outhouse with privacy trappings, replaced the twin-plywood boards and MMM widened the ‘hole’.

As a finishing touch Mike added a thick plastic sheet to act as a swinging door for more privacy.
It’s a squat-type toilet, which may take some getting used to for those who have never used one before.

It also may not be rated to 200 pound + rated beef-cakes so if you climb atop it make sure you gingerly test your weight first!!


Now it was ready we didn’t need to keep digging holes around the perimeter of MMM’s land every time nature called!

Although not everyone decided to use to outhouse, which had unforeseen consequences later…


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