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out of the frying pan...

...into the brick oven.
Planet X Publications, the outfit I am partner in, has decided to close its doors as of the publication of the Weird Westerns anthology, sometime around Halloween.
We had to turn away three collections and a novel. There were a couple of projects that I had been shepherding that I wanted to find an outlet for, but nobody had the right terms.
So I've opened a new imprint. Am negotiating with my investor to see what kinda deal we can work so I don't need to crowdfund beyond the Patreon page. Oxygen Man Books, it's called. Here's our logo:
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There are four books on the schedule right now. The Forgotten God, a short novel about psychedelics, fruiting bodies, rot, and the beginnings of things; Crazytown, a collection of related short stories; The Crazytown Chronicles, an anthology of short works set in the Crazytown metaverse, and Sabbath, bloody Sabbath, a volume of stories with the titles of Black Sabbath tunes as a jumping-off point.


Good to hear you're keeping the ship buoyant and on course.
But, for what it's worth, The Oxygen Man logo tweaks my aesthetic eye. I think it would be more impactful with the cheek filters shortened and moved-up slightly. That should give the head the appearance of being less boxy and more angular.

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