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orange is the new black

When I see Trump on the telly I am memorized by him...I can't turn him of...and I don't know why...


I was going to say it must be the accent. In 2 years I'm only now barely able to listen to him. Course I refer to him as "Our Lord and Savior, Donald- " when ever I talk to the Communists.
Gold bog stolen from Blenheim palace but police have nothing to go on just yet...has Trump got a golden throne
I still can't get over the irony of the "commie pinko lefties" accusing a republican president of being in cahoots with the Russians. It's also damn confusing.
Irony is a hoot...like Hitler's car being turned into the hippy luv bug of the 60's..
Maybe that is his draw that he hypnotizes you into looking at him and listening to him, maybe he has eyes like the snake in Jungle Book...

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