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or else I'll sue...

After watching numerous YouTube exercises and since receiving my self-anointed doctorate scroll and diadem, I hereby declare, in whatever state of mind, that I shall henceforth, and always be known as Emperor Zit ( not to be confused with Zog- no, that guy was an asshole).
Mmm? You wonder how I came to this? Well, first off, and off-putting, I resent your characterization, whatever that may be. Having learned or gleaned,or simply decided that we are all indeed energy, and that mass- all solid objects- can be energy /can be transmuted or transformed (-firmed?) into energy, and are therefor already the same as energy, any and all reference to myself as either animal or vegetable or mineral, including man made substances, such as plastic or other are no longer viable, applicable, labels for me. I am a toaster. Why a toaster? Because that is nearest your puny unevolved minds can comprehend without being burnt toast. A toaster is both solid, and able to transfer energy- heat - which I, too, am able to do- like a toaster- to anything I ingest. Too much for you? You see, I told you- your puny minds- And as far as pronouns: He, she, it , they, them, Zie, zim, zir; sir, madam- No! ( emphatically) I reject that ( those, them, theses, the other...) Henceforth, "Emporer Zit"! Put that in your cell phone, please.


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