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Sunrise;1693927 said:
One day someone would come
And someone would never come
Some have money
Some have time
Some have a show to prime
I laugh with tears
I cry with fears
To me joy comes
And go oh no and sadness comes back
What would never change?
Why doesn't death have our mind range
Who we are?
Are we bodies
Or souls in bodies
We all die
We were all born
Are we real? Or myth?
What should I do?
I don't know
What's always true?
What's fake?
What's real?
What's life?
And the question is
Who I'm?
where are we gonna go
so i can't get it oh no
what is the world i'm living in
people dies ,people flies
smiles come and go
some gonna fall down on
what is life?
one day we are gonna die
someone tell me why?
what is life?


Powerful,vivid writings from you Sunrise.
Feelings that one can almost touch.


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