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One of those days...

Today I went shopping with Mr. PiP to buy boring stuff like paint, screws and drill bits. As the checkout was taking forever and judging by the length of the queue, I decided I'd have time to nip to the restroom and be back before he noticed my absence. Or so I thought.

I found the ladies restroom, locked the door, waved at the light so it remained on after I sat down, and proceeded... as you do.

On a side note: When I say waved at the light - the lights in Portuguese restrooms work on motion detectors so only remain on only when you move and are over a certain height. Which is fine for men, but not if you are hovering over the loo in the stance position with your handbag gripped between your teeth.
Yep, you can tell a man came up with, or set the height of the motion detector. I've lost count of the times I've been left in the pitch black to finish up.

Hands duly washed and air-dried I turned the lock on the door. Nothing. I tried it again. Nothing. Again, and again and again.... nothing!

As my breathing quickened I was screaming inside: Don't panic.

Tryin' to stay calm and assess the situation I noted: there was no natural light, so no escape through a window. The door was a solid heavy wooden sliding door... at that point the electric bulb flickered and the light dimmed. Whoa...

I started to go into meltdown and a full blown panic attack. I screamed Ajuda-me, Ajuda-me. Which I prayed meant help me. I banged on the door time and time again. Nothing... I screamed and shouted and continued to bang on the door. Nothing.

I then noticed I was in a disabled restroom and there was a help alarm to call for assistance. I hit the button and set off a siren.

Then i heard voices outside and a Portuguese man asking me if I was okay. Trust me, even though I was hysterical I didn't swear. Did I mention I suffer with claustrophobia?

Anyway, to cut to the chase they finally released me just as an angry Mr. Pip came into view.

"Where the hell of you been? he huffed. "I've been sitting in the car waiting for you!"

He then saw my tear-stained face and the crowd of people who were fussing round me. One look from me through slitty-eyes and gritted teeth quelled any further moans in their tracks and he shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

My husband thinks i am fated when it comes to toilets and I was a toilet inspector in a previous life


i had you down as a woman prepared for all occasions...a handbag full of gizmo's for every eventuality....
Not on this occasion, Esc. I never even had a mobile phone on me. That will teach me to keep my battery charged up!
How scary!

I keep a flashlight in my purse. It's for use in restaurants with "romantic lighting" so I can read the menu. I don't know if that's the answer, though.
I just read this adventure! I had you read as a quilted Dragon Queen, a closet Sorceress in a pig's skin, a benign White Witch behind a sulty smile--I figgered you woulda just incinerated the whole damned restaurant (except the wahsroom), then turned Mr. Pip to stone for inattention,
. Now why didn't you call up any of these Special Powers?
A closet Sorceress in a pig's skin LoL like it! Forget turning Mr Pip into a stone... a toad was my original plan. Now I tell him when I need to pay a visit with the insturction if I am not back in 5 mins come and find me.

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