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Once Upon a Scorpian

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
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Once Upon a Scorpion

The desert heat is blessedly sweet if you’re a
red bloodied scorpion like me. My granddaddy
always said: if you can’t take the heat then go jump
in a cold lake and swim till you drown. He said it
was damn unpatriotic not to revel in it. He
had only contempt for those who hid under
rocks or bush in the mid-day sun. Old granddaddy told me
those comfort seekers only weakened the bloodline
of the scorpion nation.

I’ve taken his words to heart. Those who seek comfort
from the sun are either executed or exiled across the border to
the Mexicana lands. The heat from the sun makes our Venom
deadly and potent. To mix our blood with those weaklings would
contaminate and weaken our stingers. We need to be strong and deadly
in order to survive.

We’re now on a sacred mission. We’re building massive sand dunes
to protect our borders against those brown belly water lovers. We, the
Americana Scorpions are the chosen ones; death to those who are un-pure.

My granddaddy would be proud...
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