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Once Upon a Ostrich

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once upon a Ostrich

As I was digging a tunnel across the savannah
with nothing but a old pick ax I found on
my travels, a Ostrich bid me hello in ostrichese. Of course
her head was buried in the sand and she was surprised
as much as I--- that her head popped out of the other
side to catch a glimpse of an old devil in a tunnel whistling
an old diggers tune~

I apologized for catching her unawares and disturbing
her meditations. She giggled and said she was just hiding
her head in the sand to get away from the pressures of
daily life. She introduced herself and said her name was
Gloria. She said her friends were going to eat their feathers
when they found out that she had a conversation with the
Old Fiddler Herself~

I gave her beak a little kiss and told her life can be a
bitch but it is one hell of a thrilling ride. Get back on track- I said-
and tell your friends that when they hide their heads in the sands
they may get a pebble or two stuck in their eyes..
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This is a poets delight! LMAO... I can sooo identify with Gloria! I hide my head in the sand and refuse to see the obvious, and then , have to pick the pebble out of my eye.. painful procedure... making me wish I had faced my problems head on, instead of hiding like a coward... Maestro... haa ha, you are wise... fabulous story... thank you, Wonderful Word Warrior... write on! Peace...Grasshopper