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Once Upon a Gorilla

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once Upon a Gorilla

While rummaging in the jungle in
search of food and water I stumbled
over an anteater and fell into a thicket of thorns---

I howled in pain as the thorns pricked and prickled
at my skin. As I lay there dripping blood from
head to toe a gorilla happened to stroll by~

She stared at me long and hard as if struggling
with the decision to either help me or let me lie in
the bed of thorns that I made for myself---

She picked me up and carried me on her back
to her hearth and home. My wounds were tended to
and food and drink of bananas and tea were laid out
on the ground before me~

As I was devouring the bananas and gulping down the tea
the bemused gorilla sat down beside me
and in the language of the gorillas’ said---

“ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah ah ooh”…

(Translation: Jonah's the Anteater suffered serious wounds
when you carelessly stepped on his head. Thankfully he will recover.)

I bowed my head in shame. Her words stung to the bone---
I apologized profusely for my rash actions and swore
an oath to watch where my feet were going when on the
jungle path~

She patted me on the head and bid me farewell-
and made me promise to smell the roses and not
let the thorns block my way…
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love the mysterious hint of an underlying lesson...Maestro, these adventures among the beguiling creatures fascinates and enchants... fabulous! Thank you for the trip.. write on Word Warrior...Who will I meet next? Ha, only you know...Peace... grasshopper