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Once upon a Giraffe

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once upon a Giraffe

While sleeping high up in a tree
I felt something---
sniffing and nibbling at my ears
let me tell you~
it was very disconcerting
and somewhat discomforting-
to have a twelve foot teenage
giraffe vying for your attention

I had to laugh when she tickled my toes
with the tip of her nose-
while whistling my favorite tune
the song of the “Blue Lagoon ”~

I kissed her on her cheek---
slid down her neck
jumped off her back
landed on my patio deck
opened the fridge and gave her-
her snack …

keep an eye on your somewhat cheery
and sometimes teary teen
before they disappear into the wild
never again to be seen…
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Dr. Seuss on a trip...Quirky and charming... kinda sweet.. OH GAWD!!!! Maestro, are you wondering over to the light side??? Love this playful thing..
Thank you both for reading and liking my once upon a series. I'll be writing a slew of these pieces, a lighter look at the absurd and magical. I'm also writing my fiddler series -so far the eyes of a goat , the shell of a turtle,and the horns of a Bull the sequel to turtle.

So far in my once upon series there is Once upon a Cat, One upon a Elephant, Once upon a giraffe and more to follow- these are on the lighter side. I'm hoping to do 26 of them -13 and 13.

I hope you'll read them

my warmest
Maestro, I am looking forward to more of these majical madcap antics.. sorta like fairy tales for adults..
I had a few poems published in some obscure on line mags around ten year s ago but stopped trying after I started writing more seriously. I forgot the mags names but they were minor poems of mine.

I started writing my creation myth about 10 years ago. All of my prose and poetry are all interrelated with this work. it include many of my poetic series and myth making. I'm retiring from my paying job in about 5 months. Then I'm giving myself two to three years to do writing and the rewrite of my opus. When it's finished I'll try to get it published. I could try to get some of my poems or shorter works published but Id rather wait and polish them up. I need to do some major rewrites on my first book and some rewrites on some 100 poems that I not satisfied with. I'm also in the process of writing 2 other works part of the trilogy.

Getting published would be great but the act of creating is the big rush- This is my passion, my bliss

m ywarmest