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Once upon a Elephant

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once upon a Elephant

I saw an elephant -
sitting on my gazebo in my backyard
she waved her trunk and hooted for me
to sit beside her~

Now to be sure-
I was flummoxed and bemused
amused and mildly confused---
to see her sipping tea~
while patiently waiting
to discuss my spirituality
with the likes of me-

As you can see
I was humbled as well as~
slightly terrified---
that the Great White Elephant
that resided in the faintly
touched corners of my imagination-
would show herself---
in all her splendor and render
her glorious enlightenment upon ~
a disillusioned old coot
with an untuned and slightly used flute.
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What the heeell is going on in that fabulous mind of yours... I want some of whatever you had, that made you able to consort with an elephant... Maestro, this was bewitching...