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Once Upon a Dinosaur

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once Upon a Dinosaur

As I lie on the Dunes of the Dragamor Desert and wait for the impending sand storm to approach, my mind wanders to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. They were magnificent. While God created the earth, trees, seas, a few bugs and an assortment of various bees, it was I who designed and created the dinosaurs of earth, air, and sea.

Now I know that you may be thinking that God created everything on his own, the heavens, angels, worlds and the whole shebang. That’s just not the case. He had help, ME. I was his first creation, his MorningStar, and together we created the heavens, angels, and everything else that needed creating. We created many universes and a multitude of stars and billion upon billions of worlds, through something we called the big bang project. We moved though time and space on the wings of stars. Where there was dark we created light, where there was emptiness we created space. These were thrilling times.

When our Creation Matrix was near complete we set upon creating the Prime Nexus, a Life Zone, a Design Exemplar; an Archetype world where all the other billions of worlds where life took root would emulate and use variations of our designs. They were shadow worlds to our Prime Nexus world we called Earth.

IMG_1118 (2).JPG
While God stirred the creation pot and designed some of the main ingredients that moved along evolutionary creation, he let me design and create the Prime Life-form that would dominate the earth, the Dinosaur. I made them big, massive and powerful. Okay, okay, I may have made them too big, and made their brains a little too small but I was working on correcting that. I loved those giant reptiles and they loved me back. But God had other plans.

He took me aside one day and said “Lucy” that was his pet name for me, it was kind of endearing when you think about it, but I digress, he said: “We need to make a major overhaul on the Prime Life-Form project. Your Dinosaurs are just too big and dumb and they use up too much of the earth’s resources. They need to be eradicated.”

I was stunned by God’s decision. I knew there were problems with my beloved creations but I was working on them. I pleaded with God to change his mind. I told him I would give them bigger brains and make them smaller, less deadly. He wanted the mammals to thrive; he said in order for them to grow and multiply the dinosaurs needed to go.

I did convince him to make the flying lizards smaller and a little smarter. He allowed me to evolve them into birds. I also was allowed to make some species on land smaller, little lizards, snakes, and various bugs. He let me keep the sharks and other aqua-creatures that didn’t fall into the reptile category. He told me he would give me time to say goodbye to my favorites and to come to terms on their destruction. I realized then, that God was a Reptile Racist.

Of course I put on a happy face and said his decisions were law. What else could I do? But for the first time in my existence, I felt anger towards him. I started to slowly separate from his glory. For me, at the time, all life was sacrosanct, but life for him was arbitrary. A means for him to wield power, he reveled in destruction as well as creation. They say I have a dark side, well compared to him my darkness still hides within it some light, while his is all black.

I said goodbye to my beloved dinosaurs. I rode with them for the last time. I ate with them, slept in their nests and keeps and cried with them. I swore that I would never forget them.

I then sailed on the cosmic winds and lifted on my shoulders a star rock. I flung it towards earth and watched day turn to night. I set the world on a new evolutionary path. God’s orders not mine. Why should he get his hands dirty while mine were already full of dirt?

He did allow me to create some new animals, exotic trees, plants and various kinds of bugs and new types of bees. He said he had something special in mind. When I asked him what it was, he said, he wanted it to be a big surprise. Damn was I surprised, but not in a good way, but that‘s another story.

The storm finally approached and I let the sand cut through my cheeks and engulf me in its embrace. Deep down between layers and layers of sand and earth one of my original creations still live and dwell, the last of the true dinosaurs, The Sand Worm. I made sure they thrived on many worlds and kept them hidden from God on this one. They like the cockroach will help me devour mankind whole. Revenge tastes the sweetest when served cold...

The End



©2016 Robert F. Callaci All rights reserved.
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There are many reasons I use animals in lots of my prose and poetry but two stand out.

1] I just love animals, all kinds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, even bugs a lot more than I do the meanest of the most vicious animals of all, Man.

2) I write a lot about man' bestial nature, the evil and the good, the beast that lurks within.(in my cockeyed view the beast within is the natural side of man) If man followed their animal nature rather than their more base instincts, greed, malice, want, etc, (these come from the more rational side of man rather than the animal side] than the world would be a more safer place to live in. I'm an animal as well as a pagan apologist.

Animals( beside man) are not evil, they have no ill intent, there is an innocence about them that I find beguiling and refreshing.

Now I have two series that deals with animals ( this one, I now have 32 of these pieces) and I have the beastie series, My maniacal beastie monsters and bugs .

i like the way you don't focus on one particular animal at a time and give it a personality but more of a generalisation of that species..which i find very readable and relatable..i've asked before and i don't think you are published but i'm hoping you will be...are you..?
Not in a significant way. A few poems years ago in some obscure online-mags now defunct and some things I wrote as a ghost-not under my name- and not allowed or at least unethical to do so in naming them.

The reason I don't hit the publishing market yet is all of my stuff is related to my opus (the Annexlexciam Conturium)- a series of books, poems and shorts,( a Pagan Bible of sorts) I've been writing for over ten years. I need to do tons of editing and redrafting and finishing up of some of my story-lines. I always have something to write about-writers block has never been a issue. I need a few more years and then I will either self publish or go the traditional route. I have some friends in the industry that would make it happen but before I submit, it has to be polished . Also my stuff is for a niche market, some of it is highly controversial or blasphemous for some of the more traditional religious institutions.

and I'm also lazy as well, it's lots of work to find an agent, do the queries, and all that other mind numbing things that need to be done, but hopefully someday, in the meantime the act of writing and creating is a thrill beyond words....

my warmest
Lol! Lucy! Love it!

Now, I used to be 'very religious', but have since become more of a Spiritualist type. I won't bore you with my beliefs, but will only say this very true quote: History is written by the Victor. :)
"some is highly controversial or blasphemous"....to the world in general or to people you know..?
The bulk of my work is not on this site. My more tamer pieces are here. Mainly from My novel in progress the "Apocalypsia" where I integrate My totem-fairytales, beastie poems and short stories into the piece.

My creation books -The Trinity Dreamscape, the Sinotopia, and two novellas, deal with themes, that are uncomfortable or downright blasphemous, mainly with Fundamental Christian groups but also is taboo or against the teachings of the overall Judaeo-Christian society.

Now many have no problems with the subjects I present, but some do. My main characters in my trinity dreamscape - are what I call soul twins- Lucifer and Lucifelica -brother and sister, Adam and Eve - Father and daughter, All of their children mated to each other brother and sisters as mates. Also I deal with erotic themes not for titillation but to advance the story. X-rated blood-gore and sexual situations. I also deal with bestial themes as many of my so called gods are shapeshifters as well.

My work is for the open-minded, spiritually mature and those who are willing to explore different belief systems. So to answer your question, my work is highly controversial or blasphemous, not to the world at whole, but to those who feel threatened when their world view or religious beliefs are questioned and examined or when subjects that they believe are abhorrent, cursed or taboo should not be allowed to exist or be read.

my warmest
now that's a turn up for the books..wow!!...just never expected a response like that..but in a good way man..cool