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Once Upon a Cat

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once upon a Cat

As I crawled amongst the bush and weed--- I came
upon a one-eyed cat--- that was really, really fat--- that
looked pretty much like a hungry lion. I soiled my pants, got up,
and did a belly dance--- as it mewled and roared away. It
sniffed my crotch-- as I watched-- the vultures circle patiently---
for their tongue licking bone cracking human lunch.

As it was just about to bite through my thigh I saw a dead
fly wedged in its eye. Without any doubt--- I plucked it out ---
as the puss and blood oozed all about. The lion stared at me
with two good eyes---and with a lick on my cheek---said its goodbyes.
I remain grateful to this very day--- to that little fly--- that flew and died
and committed suicide--- in that big cats bleary teary eye.

Note: this is a revised poem that I recently wrote. the original version is in the Poetry challenge. This is by far the better version- It's the lions eye who is in my mono rhyme poem " the wings of a fly" he a very very cool lion- I think this will become one of my favorites...
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i feel as if there is a moral floating around in this piece...i think the artwork is awesome to....all in all just another one from you i like so much...