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Once upon a Bear

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Once upon a Bear

I shared an apple wile in the woods,
with a hungry old bear the other day~
We both enjoyed the delicious succulence of the
fruit as our stomachs growled its appreciation.

After we finished our impromptu snack the bear
gave me the oddest look---
No! No! I said, “My meat is not as sweet and if
you eat me your stomach will twist up in knots. It’s
bad manners to eat the hand that feeds you.”

He bowed his head and growled his apology-
I gave him a big hug and promised to give him a bushel of
apples and a beehive full of honey for not tearing me to

We both left the woods that day –
with Full Stomachs~~
and a newfound appreciation of
Ethics …
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lol...A weird and wacky wonderful adventure... I want to live in your world for a day... Maestro, such fabulous madness...magic apple? if so, I want some... write on Poet God, thrill me again...