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On the Wings of an Eagle

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
On the Wings of an Eagle

On the cliffs of Dover Peak hidden between rock
bush, brush and brook are the great eyries of the eagle
convocation known as the Vereden~

Vladru one of the Veredens great warriors knew his time
of the second life was at hand. He pondered long and hard
on who would lead and protect the convocation against its
enemies while he was in the process of a tearing himself apart~

He called upon his old friend who just happened to be me-
asking if I would watch over the convocation while he was
indisposed. Of course I agreed but I asked him why he didn’t
trust his second in command to do the job~

“She is not yet ready” He replied. “Her concern for me would
dull her wits in battle. She would be of two minds. I also need
my wits about me as well- as I smash off my beak, tear out my

feathers and rip off my talons without worrying about her welfare.
I need to stay focused. It’s not that I don’t trust her--- I just want
to ease her burden. With you at the reigns she can have the luxury

of being of two minds~”

“Don’t worry my dear feathery friend” I said. I will watch

over her and the convocation while you go through
metamorphosis and rejuvenation.--- and when you return
your vision will once again have eagle sight, your beak with
solid bite, talons razor sharp that makes your enemies shiver
in fright , and wings with feathers that show your glory and might~

Vladru’s nodded in appreciation and dove into the rocks and
proceeded to smash his beak into tiny little pieces…


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Hey, Bob, I'm just wondering where you get your inspiration from. Do the pictures come before or after?

the pictures come after- the inspiration comes from my deluded mind.. this is part of my totem series so I just pick an animal and have a discussion with the many characters that reside in my head and tell their story...:devilish: