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On the Road to Paradise

On the Road to Paradise
I finally made it. A nineteen hour drive took me thirty three hours of driving time. It took a total of three days of cheap motels and lousy food to reach our destination. Thank God we were blessed with good weather and minimal traffic. If not it probably would have taken us a week.

I need to state that I don’t like to drive, and when I do, I drive slowly to the chagrin of drivers who are stuck behind me. Many a truck driver honked and gave me the finger as they passed me. My wife, Virginia was quite patient and considerate of my neurotic driving habits. I freak out on bridges, (I think they’re going to break apart and fall into the sea) and hate tunnels, (I think the water is going to breakthrough and crush me). I stare straight ahead with my hands tightly on the wheel and only allow minimal conversation. I stop at every rest stop to gain my bearings and regain my sanity. I even thought I was losing my eyesight, as the road became a blur in certain areas. Again I thank Virginia for laughing at my oddities and telling me I was just a crazy old coot and to keep on driving.

Most of our family and friends were quite concerned and kept on calling Virginia to see if we were both still alive. They were all too aware of my peculiar driving habits and all around oddness. To say it was a tense and uncomfortable three days was an understatement. But to everyone’s surprise, including mine, we finally arrived, safe and sound, mentally intact in Paradise.

Paradise, in this case being Port Richey, Florida. It’s quite beautiful here, other worldly in places. Our Apt complex is fantastic and our Apartment is divine. Virginia has family here (her big brother, Larry, her sister in law, Margaret, and their children, Meredith and Lawrence, and their children) and they have been nothing other than extraordinary. They opened there homes to us and made us acclimate at a faster rate. If not for them we would be lost.

My Retirement has gotten off to a great start, who would ever thought that I would find Paradise here in the great State of Florida.


Maybe you should consider flying or have your wife get in the driver's seat, but this whole story sounds strange to me- almost a satire of older retirees.
unfortunately it's no satire, I drive slow, my wife doesn't drive on highways and I like to add a little humor in my writing. Didn't fly needed my SUV for Florida and to transport it was to much money. Everyday life is quite strange no need to embellish. Believe it or Not:)
Congrats, Bob, on your journey. This reminds me of our 400-mile, 17-hr drive to our retirement place here in the armpit of Texas. Starting at midnight, I drove a u-haul while my wife drove behind with our dogs and fish. I been intending to write a piece on our adventures, you've inspired me to get on with it.:-D

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