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On the Road Again

We finally did it. My wife(Virginia) and I left our beloved Long Island this morning at 3AM. We're on a way to Florida, home to lizards, alligators, and an angry Sun. It's been one heartbreaking week saying goodbye to family and friends but with social media and all those other gadgets one would hardly notice our absence.

Drove for twelve hours and stopped. I'm somewhere in VA in a Quality Inn. There was a time I could drive non-stop but the fact I'm an old fart has dampened my enthusiasm. We'll start again tomorrow, no rush, life's good.

We'll probably get there either tomorrow or Thursday. We have a beautiful place to live in and we're five minutes from the gulf. The only problem is that our cable, internet and phone won't be hooked up till the 11th. I'll be in and out on the net til then.

I love being retired, I suggest it for everyone. I can now pursue my passions full time. Got to take a nap so I'll
see you all soon. Forgive my rambling but the retirement act for crazy old men encourages mindless blather.



The best thing about being retired, bob, is that you no longer need a watch and one day blends in to the next. :)

Don't forget to send me your entry to the Prize Poetry Challenge :)
How exciting... a new place. Had to stop, huh? no crystal meth? Isn't that like Florida's... uh... never mind. just kidding. Flat as a pancake, but they got wild places (if you like that sort of thing). Cool. New things to inspire...new people, new things.

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