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On the Horns of a Bull

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
On the Horns of a Bull

I fiddled and diddled my way out of my
dire circumstance. I carved out a new fiddle
from the wood floors of my prison and made
its strings from the guts of my bikini clad
captor which in reality was a man-eating plant.
I burned it to the ground.

I wooed and bedazzled those lovely nubile
Nubians with my charm, good looks and
musical abilities. I plucked picked and used
my stick on those fiddled strings, stomped my feet
to my favorite demonic beat and watched them melt
and burn away.

All in all I had one hell of a good day…
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lol... Maestro! You unchained your fabulous, dark twisted imagination, and created a hellish piece of devilish delight... pure poetic pleasure! A good day?? Hell yeah... anytime you can dazzle nubile Nubians with a fiddle that you diddle on... well that sounds sublime....write on Maestro... you inspire... Grasshopper..