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Old Friends Return, New Friends Appear

Ron was gone for five weeks. During Ron's absence, his brother John ran the 7-11 where I gas up every morning . John's a decent enough guy, but I did find myself missing Ron. You see, Ron is one of the hardest working people I know. We have short conversations. I need to get on the road before traffic gets bad. Meanwhile, he keeps one eye on the young, disheveled guy that just walked straight to the back. Still, he deserved the time with his family back in India, and I'm glad he could go home and take care of things (at least he missed the storm season). When I talked to him last week, I was smiling.

Our pastor was for gone about the same time. He and his wife took a little road trip, and he had some time to review his options. The man is 68 years of age, and has earned a retirement. Yet, the most telling comment of his upon his return was, "I only went to church once a week. How do you people do that? I was going crazy!" He tells us that he plans on staying with the congregation now for another five years. I'm really happy about that. He loves his work, and delivers great sermons. I'm glad he's back, as long as God lets us have him.

And, I made a new friend. I usually don't consider customers friends, but for Marge, I'll make an exception. I'd worked for her before, and I remembered how genuinely nice she was. She's one of those people that when they talk with you, you can feel the sincerity of their words. As I worked, I noticed the short metal pry bar and large can of mace by her bed. It's amazing to me how some older people can live alone, and not seem lonely or insecure. Well, as I was packing up, she told me that her knee operations have went so well, she won't even need her cane much longer. And, she's planning on calling the city to have the special "handicap parking zone" in front of her house removed. She doesn't need it anymore. It would be wrong for her to utilize a disabled parking preference. I wanted to hug her.

I don't know the impact I have on the lives of others. I do know that I have some very decent examples to follow.


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