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Oh No, The Lights Went Out!

So, the switch has been flipped off and I'm back to scratching my head again. :crushed: It was a grand run of inspiration running amok, but now my head has stopped buzzing and the bumping is gone. Woe is me. But, I did get seven amazingly good poems out of it, which is really saying something considering most of my really good poems take years to develop. What can I say? But I attribute a lot of the light switch going on to doing the research on the internet on what is good poetry, thinking about it, joining this site, and perusing others like this (but they didn't make the cut because they were so complicated and non-user-friendly).

So, the 4th of July is over (my puppy is relieved), my brain is no longer on fire, and I'm here on Writingforums looking for interaction with other writers and maybe some inspiration. I am looking forward to getting my reviews done so that I am able to put some work out for feedback and constructive criticism. That has helped me with some of my work here at home and going to other poetry groups.

I don't know why writers are afraid to put their work out there for critique. Is it fun? No, it's not fun asking for honest feedback because you aren't necessarily going to like what comes back to you. But when you get feedback, take all of it, the good and the bad. Take that information, not as God's honest truth, but as nuggets. Take those nuggets home, throw them in a basket, hold onto them. Take them out once in a while when you air out your poem, or just when you're not thinking about anything in particular. Let the back of your brain stew on it. For however long it takes. Then one day you'll have an urge to go back to that poem, or it will be time to make yourself sit down at the computer and dig it out. Start playing with lines, see what happens. Try out some of the suggestions.

I have been starting out with getting rid of common phrases, those are poetry killers. True. You want original work. So delete them. Reword them somehow, any way you can. Just make it different.

Anyway, I'm going to stop here. I'm starting to sound more like an instruction manual than a blog and this, is a blog, not a poetry-one-oh-one.

Well, enough for today. If you read this I hope you enjoyed my 'trant. Have a great weekend!


If your light's out, you should reset the breaker. Go see some nature and take it all in. Alternatively, you could work a soul draining job. That'll help fire up the 'ol neurons and get you day dreaming :D

My favorite author loves to keep rotating his works in order to prevent anything from getting stale. As a reader, it is painful, but as a writer, it makes sense. Switching to something completely different could help you. Maybe try writing a short story or something that is different than poetry?

P.S. I half joke about the soul draining work. I've already got a bare bone outline for two novels. All you need is a dollar store note pad and a [STRIKE]stern loathing for your boss[/STRIKE] pen

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