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Oh boring boring.... ( a rant, that's all .)

Comfortable life:

Should be glad really i suppose but nothing ever really happens with me.

All week, i eat sleep and work. I slob my weekends away and that is it.

All so predictable, but safe.

Safety, i love safety, but it comes at such a price.

Please don't offer suggestions because that will lead to anger and frustration.

It is what it is.


When i say that it will lead to anger and frustration i am suggesting that that is how you'd probably be left feeling.

People say " get out more. Get yourself a hobby" and i just can't be bothered. That's why i've taken to reading so but even then, i get so tired/worn out.
I think that my alcohol consumption might have to increase. No i don't want to spend my weekends in a drunken stupor, that's an awful place to be but on Sundays, having had a good night's sleep, i finish off the two and a half litre bottle that i'd opened on the Saturday afternoon and ohhh man, i can't tell you how good that feels.

We'll see.


Hey, you did something - you wrote this blog! (just hope that two and a half litre bottle wasn't whisky) ;)
Dither, my dad was a brilliant scientist that retired a rich guy at the age of 50. His only dream was to stay home and read. He said he never liked going to work and being an avid reader was always disappointed that he could not finish the book he was reading but had to put it down to go to work. When he retired I asked him what he wanted to do, he had money and he had youth. His response was that he was going to finish the book he started when ever he wanted not when someone allowed him to. He would have congratulated you.
I like you too much to irritate you with any vapid suggestions (again).
Just remember that some who bother you do so only for (mainly) altruistic reasons.
Be well.
jenthepen;bt8359 said:
I never tried pear cider. Does it taste any different to the normal apple kind?

it's a nice drink, why not go buy yourself a small bottle and give it a try. You don't have to buy litres of the stuff.
If you do buy some,​ try it with and without a splash of lemonade on top. A drop of lemonade just takes the edge off it, not that it needs it. It's simply a matter of taste.
I often have a beer and burger sometimes when I want to relax. Don't know why that's so relaxing...but it is.

Either way, do what feels really good for you.

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