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O Thy Honor - A Lamentation

O Thy Honor - A Lamentation

Lamentations toward a virtue lost, or at least dwindling to nothing. Pure heart in this one, so don't check me for grammar and punctuation. I want it to sound this way.

O thy honor, and the honor of all, why you crumble?
You who used to leap from the heart of near any a young man.
You who founded our country, you who held our hearts so high.
Yet now you hide... sickened within your abyssal hole.

Harnessing steelish strength and presenting yourself a virtue.
Protecting our names, forcing straight our spines.
Spines that would have otherwise broken under much duress,
Much duress indeed with a nation's burden.

A fairy tale you are, perhaps? I hear of you occasionally.
Egypt forces honor even now. Banging the walls of unloved leaders.
The honor stands strong amidst the water, and rubber projectiles of hell's own production.
But alas, still it is so far away.

Swim closer, distant ship... you bear my hopes.
For now we listen dutifully without your presence. They lead us.
We shall listen, and hearken to their call, however deep...
the wake of cows feces in the room builds.

O thy honor, and the honor of all, are you wounded?
Are the reserves empty, and the wells dry? Are the townsfolk...
Crying, begging, bleeding for a cause that doesn't come?
O thy honor, did you just turn and run?



Wow thank you guys. I would really have no clue where to start "publishing" it however. It's on my blog website, but I have no clue even where to start. I googled: "where to publish poetry" but couldn't find anything suitable. Any tips?
I went to eHow, and looked up where to publish poetry. Here's a list of some literary journals that accept poetry. You should try it out, I think you've got a lot of potential!
* Agni
* American Letters and Commentary
* Antioch Review
* Atlantic Monthly
* Black Warrior Review
* Boulevard
* Conjunctions
* DoubleTake Magazine
* Fence Magazine
* Field Magazine
* Five Points
* Grand Street
* Jacket
* The Journal
* Kenyon Review
* Literal Latte
* Modern Poetry in Translation
* The Nation
* The New Criterion
* The New Republic
* Painted Bride Quarterly
* Partisan Review
* Passages North
* Ploughshares
* PN Review
* Poetry Calendar
* Poetry Daily
* Poetry Flash
* Poetry Magazine
* Poetry Review
* Poets & Writers Magazine
* Prairie Schooner
* Prose Poem
* Quarterly West
* Slate
* Stand Magazine
* Threepenny Review
* Thumbscrew
* Tin House Literary Journal
* Triquarterly Magazine
* Verse Magazine
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