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Nothing to see here...

Just me talking to myself... again...

So, I am supposed to be working on my young adult low fantasy novel Children of Dragons (it's even scrawled across my calendar 'monday-CoD, tuesday-dye hair, wednesday-CoD, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday,-CoD, CoD, CoD, CoD!)

Alas! I got chatting with friends both on and off the forum and my pet project horror/humor indulgence romp I'd been calling (as a collective of short stories) Tales From Ellington Park spiraled out of control and developed an actual, honest-to-cake plot.

Le Gasp! (just for you Tahs~)

Then, thanks to finding a hidden folder long forgotten in the dusty archives of my flash drive, I discovered one of my characters in one universe is a reincarnation of an older one and I (stupid child that I am) thought 'Well, what the hey. Make this a sequel to that and-'

Suddenly I had three book instead of two. I'm not sure... quite how that happened but...yeah. I suppose that's why they call them 'Plot Bunnies'. You really can't blink. o_O

So: Tales from Ellington Park has officially been broken up into three books (I tried to mash them back up into one but it was just too mind bogglingly complicated...) concerning three different characters' experiences knowing a central one. I still haven't decided which titles go to which stories.

Now, I hate writing the end of something first. I normally hate stories that start at the end and then flash back to the beginning (the exception being Inception...) but I'm seriously looking at having to do the third book first. If only to have my definitions of vampirism and undeath more clearly defined so what takes place in the former books flows with a certain amount of sense.

Otherwise the last book feels somewhat anti-climactic.

"There is fact, and there is fiction... and then there is that funny sort of grey area no one ever wants to talk about."

- Love Addie


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