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... nothing to do and all day to do it

Not only is the project done, it is turned in. Now, it just has to be graded.

INEW 2332 Syllabus - Spring 2016 said:
Final Grade Determination:

  • 100 Points (10 report 1 /week each 10 point, due date midnight of every Monday)
  • 50 Points (time log, for all activities)
  • 50 Points (Project description an explanation due date at the end of 4th week)
  • 50 Points (Final presentation for the project)
  • 150 Points (Course project documentations, source code, pseudocode, etc.)
Okay, breaking this down:
  • 12 reports -- because I started the first week, so I'll give me 100 points
  • Time log -- we were supposed to log 300 hours. I logged 168. That's .56 of the requisite or 28 points.
  • Project Description -- had that turned in early -- 50 points
  • Final presentation -- who wants to see my PowerPoint? It totally rocks -- 50 points
  • Documentation -- every other line a comment -- my program runs and does what it's supposed to do -- but maybe he doesn't like my commenting style -- 140 points
Total: 368 points out of 400 possible

That's 92% and 90-100 is an A all day long.

But it won't be official until sometime mid-month.

In the meanwhile, after spending much of today making sure everything was on my flash drive and driving the flash drive to school and copying the stuff from the flash drive onto the instructor's computer ... I had a bit of time to make a crockpot dinner and order a celebratory delivery pizza for lunch.

But folks, it's over!


*likes power points*
*& programs that do what they're supposed to*

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