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not my world

I've been working down in Venice now, for two years. I say 'down' because it's down for me, south of where I live, anything south is down. I have to cross some mountains to get there...

Venice...what can I say about Venice?

Well, it is a different culture than where I live. It's more crowded, the real estate costs more, there's lots more homeless, it has more tourists, cooler weather in the summers; doesn't get as cold in the winter- the plants, in general grow better; there's more crime, more people, more cops, more trendy restaurants, better restaurants, better coffee, more celebrity/rock-stars live here, more gang activity, the canals, less mountain lions, more beach, more beautiful running, yoga-firm, nice, nice-figure, women, running, walking, cycling; scantily...

1200 sq.ft. single family home, on standard lot is a million dollars? Yes, I know a million don't buy like it used to, but...we're talking "tear-down"; old house.

There are a lot of artsy-fartsy types, of various levels... I mean 'arteests '. There's a guy that comes by and asks for discards, wood and such, I talk to his wife, too. Normal types, you know, average, and not wacky...

And then there's the owner of this beast, this place, which is only double-overbuilt, brand new, elevator, glass, stainless steel, 'I'-beam skeleton underneath, architect-designed (famous architect), each and every piece of it (students come, take photos). The owner, I can't say his name, nor how much, but he's like 'world-class- naw, greater than that- has more than his own wiki: fuckin video narrated by a rockstar...crazy.

And then outside the back fence, right on the back fence (before they was all bulldozed away, cops still coming everyday now to keep them off) there was this one artist woman who collected pallets- wood pallets- construction materials of all sorts- arranging, rearranging in circular patterns- "Stonehenge"- in a trance, 'living' her art ( she slept in the center) everyday...

They're all all gone now- the 26 tents, the "Horde" I called it- moved off to other locations. You see the owner paid the golf course to replace their fence- 15k , I think- and when the Parks and Recreation got involved, the cops stayed long after. All cleaned up; no more debris, unsightly indigents- 'habitat-challenged', nor their, uh, 'behaviors': drugs, needles, trash, more trash...

Yesterday, the air'b'n'b directly across the street had kids (20 year-olds)renting it (there's fights going on-legal battles- regarding these entrepreneurer-owners; messing with the neighbor's). And those kids evidently rented sports cars: Porsche (3 of them), and a Ferrari, which they fucking (sorry) were revving the engine of, for no good reason ( other than?) Very loud; very annoying.

You know, people live around here.


On the other side of the country, the city of Detroit fascinates me. You can pick up a standard lot, standard size detatched home for about 17,000 dollars US. Yes, it is probably used as a crack den and real estate agents allegedly have to carry weapons or risk assault or murder when going about the place but look at all the beautiful, derelict old wrecks in the city and tell me the place is not crying out for the forces of gentrification (the good ones) to march back in...
Venice was really sketchy back in the seventies. It still has that element but the gentrification process started way back in the early eighties. The old guard, free-spirit, hippy/beat is dying off/ being replaced by flippers and developers selling to Snapchatters. Snapchat is literally buying up whole blocks. There's a them and us thing.
bdcharles;bt9160 said:
That's weird. What do snapchat and their users do with all that property?
its the company.. They are putting their offices there. The employees need/want housing nearby. They're colonizing in an imperial sense. And it's a battle.
Hey, bd...my younger self is from Detroit. My now old self lives just north by Cass Lake. Detroit is coming back, but has a long way to go in neighborhoods to be safe. Best have a swivel head when out at night, my friend. And, don't stop for gas then. But, I'm glad you and those like you are there to bring it back. I'd prefer to live urban, but I'm too old to be a pioneer there. Thumbs up to you. Sas
Ah, Venice. I visited there a couple times and pretty much fell in love with the place. I wasn't so much interested in the businesses as much as I was in love with the beach and some of the oddballs that you might see on the boardwalk. I would recommend you don't use the public bathroom though. I wanted to take a leak once and some schizophrenic (and I'm not exaggerating here) pulled a knife on anyone who got near the urinals and kept mumbling in gibberish. I held it until I got back to the motel :lol:
Ok, set me straight. I have been told the canals are more like sewers now. Brings to mind a story about a famous actress, in famous movie, a few decades ago. Sorry, my infamous brain can no longer remember either. Anyway, the actress fell into a canal, as part of scene. She said it caused major eye infection that affected her vision forever. And, that took place many years ago. So...are canals clean?
There's a book by Ray Bradbury*which describes 1950's Venice, including the canals. he was a resident. They are not sewers( and people often make this mistake..), they are more like storm drains. They collect runoff which in this case is city runoff, full of whatever city runoff has...

Many of of the canals were filled in within twenty years of construction. That was before I was born, before you were born. Venice has long since enjoyed a renaissance. The existing canals are surrounded by multi-million dollar properties. There are ducks, and fish, and the lion cages* and other trash are all gone. The levels rise and fall with the tide, and like many waterfront properties adjacent to the more affluent, occasionally people do actually go out for a row. Rare, though.

* Death is a Lonely Business- R. Bradbury 1985

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