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Non-Trashy Cans

Ponder The Unthinkable...

I'm happy knowing that if people think I'm crazy, it won't bother me. I know that real crazy is knowing something may happen, and choosing to do nothing.

Last month, I set-up my home-made "Faraday Cage". It's a simple solution to a hideous possibility.
In the event of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack, any unprotected electronics are vulnerable, and most will be rendered inoperable. The solution is to protect what you can. Your car, large appliances and even your home wiring will be fried after an EMP. Some electronics may or may not survive, based on the distance from the blast, their individual robustness, and luck.

I used a standard steel trash can, and lined it with regular thickness cardboard. The EMP radiation acts like radio waves, and can easily be deflected (fine metal mesh even works). Insulated in the can, items are safe. I filled the can with flashlights, radios (AM and 2-way) rechargeable batteries and a pedal recharger. Some people also place notebook computers / pad, cameras and back-up drives in there as well. The idea is that after an attack, you have some basic supplies until the infrastructure can be repaired. Is this over-the-top and alarmist? Perhaps. Is it also easy and prudent? Definitely.

Next, I'm buying a small plastic trash can, a bag of rice and some dry ice. The CO2 from the dry ice will displace the oxygen in the can, keeping the rice from spoiling (no oxygen = no bio growth). Even if vermin get in, they suffocate and die. And, the lid can be removed safely to check on the rice without needing to reseal. The CO2, heavier than air, will remain in the can unless actively stirred-up. And, the CO2 will not affect the taste or quality of food.

The K-Tor brand charger and the rechargeable batteries were the most expensive items. The rest of that stuff is cheap. What? You can't afford trash cans, cardboard or dry ice? Maybe you're afraid that if your friends knew what you're doing, they'd look at you different. Maybe you shouldn't care what people think, and just do the prudent thing. Just sayin'.


As a guy who carries a gun every day, two knives is trained in first aid and figures you should always be prepared, I might not be the guy to ask if your crazy.

I go with Murphy's Law when it comes to things going wrong. It is all just a matter of time, what did it cost you to be wrong about it? What do you gain if your right.

I have carried a gun for the last 30 years and only had to shoot at people a couple of times and that was to shoot back. I have always carried a knife and one day it saved my life. I wear a seat belt every day and have never been in car wreck, does this make me crazy?

You have spend a couple of bucks to be safe, that is what smart prudent people do when confronting risk. As far as EMPs go, scientists say it has happened numerous times in the past. If your house sat next to a river my guess is you would buy house insurance.

Winston you might just be crazy, just might have some company with ya...Bob
Even though I'll probably never do this, still cool ideas for a book. Thanks man!

And no, you're not crazy. I think it's cool. There is a point though, I think, where maybe it is a little far. But this is nowhere near close to that.

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