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No support. No faith. No idea what to do next....

Today my mom was suppose to go with me to my counselling appointment. Instead some bullshit happened last night between her and my step father and now there is " something more important " she needs to do.

She's going to talk to her divorce attorney she's had on standby for almost a year now. She paid this attorney to do nothing, and sees her once In a white when my step dad pisses her off. Every time she's sees this attorney nothing ever happens. Why does she even go? Why does she waste this poor woman's time with her marital issues that she doesn't want to fix anyway?

She's just going to end up sleeping right next to this asshole tonight. Just like every other time she gets pissed at him. She doesn't defend herself and let's him ruin her whole day. I needed her support today, and yesterday she said she would go. Now today's the day, and instead of being supportive she's giving me another reason to be pissed off and on edge.

Her coming to my appointment today was something I really needed. My mom tries to love me, but time and time again throughout the years it's been apparent that her life means more to her then her kids, and she doesn't even handle her own problems the correct way.

I'm not gonna even bother asking her to go next time. I don't need her. I don't need anybody. I've lived my whole life with no friends and no moral support from anyone. I'm my own moral support. I know for a fact that I am a better, stronger, wiser and more capable person then many other people out there who would have killed themselves by now if they lived my life. I'm still alive, so I must be doing something right.


I'm sorry your step dad's more important to your mom than you. *hugs* I could never do that to my kid.

Don't feel too alone.

Retarded ass parents are just retarded ass people with kids.

Believe me, there's a lot of that going around.
Hope your situation gets better, but reminds me of mother of the kids we tried to foster a while back - 5 kids, each a different father, three they don't know who the father is, all lost to the state although two are with a former boyfriend who fathered one of them, she used to sell the kid's food stamps to get money for her ice/crack. So hang in there, like Rhythm said, you're not alone.

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