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No sleep 'til Brooklyn!

...I just figured I'd include the Beastie Boys in that title.

I have been sleeping much less. Short naps during the day, then I'm up.

I laid down for two hours and found absolute restlessness. Now it's 5:00 AM.

When I was still getting eight solid hours, I felt tired, weak. My muscles were shaky and I couldn't focus, I had headaches and only wanted to sleep.

Now, I'm wide awake and rather concentrated. I feel sharp. Focused. Truly awake.

When I was feeling bad, one of those days I had the chills and sinus headaches.

So I don't know if I'm just recovering from a cold or if I've developed a minor insomnia fueled by stress and caffeine.

It's really quite odd. Well, if my heart just gives out one day, at least I left a little record behind. Hahaha.

On a completely unrelated note, I was gifted a bottle of wine from a stranger.

It was the smoky kind of wine that you eat with steak or something hearty.

Of course, I didn't eat. Had two glasses, two days in a row, on an empty stomach, with a cigarette.

I felt pretty damn good those two nights. A few bad decisions crossed my brain, but I wasn't too tipsy, so I just went to sleep. Haha.


Yeah, sleep doesn't do anything for me any more unless I get like 10 hours... But when Kyle uses nap, it's super effective.
I'm not a fan of the caffeine jitters, but I get what you mean when you describe feeling awake. The extra energy does give you a good giddy-up and go feeling. When I have to clean, I drink one of these powered energy things- my husband refers to it as my go-juice. It's hard when it seems like your body won't do what your brain wants it to do. I want to read, but I'm tired. I still want to read, because the house is quiet and everyone is asleep, but my body is tired...

Hope you feel better.

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