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No more...

There's no more tears, a dried up well,
your fool for years, living in hell.
All those words and broken promises,
sugared lies and empty dreams.
Broken, defeated, alone inside my mind,
silently banging on a prison wall I find.

Ignored and hidden deep within,
to those grand delusions did I cling.
Numbness reigns inside my broken heart,
Empty, dead, no more tears left to shed.
Hesitant to voice my growing fears,
this is the life I've lived for years?

Darkness wells up over time,
but now my dear you have to climb.
Clamber out of this sad, sad hole,
to find the light your searching for.
There. Look. It flickers small at first,
a dying fire of hope you need to nurse.

Now I see the cracks were always there,
unseen, manipulation loud and clear.
Hard as it was for me to see,
I picked apart our love with doubts.
Burning through the mist of uncertainty,
until I found the lost, forgotten me.
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Funnily enough once I'd written it I felt freer and more certain that I'd made the right decision.
Not always but sometimes things that happen in real life make me write how I feel and most times it's some of my best poetry, fiction I can write anytime and use research to write about things that I haven't lived but my poetry is mostly in response to entense feelings I'm feeling at that time, except my fantasy poetry.
you were writing some very romantic prose not so long back...how does that compare now
I saw a lot of things that I should have seen sooner and the romantic stuff comes from a remembered time when my ex-relationship was new and not broken
And Ive not written any romantic poetry based on my emotions to do with relationship for atleast a year. My fiction is different I can always write fiction without the need to feel emotions I just write that from what I know from my feelings
Thanks Dither, it was a tough time to go through but I went through it and I'm determined to be stronger for it

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