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Everyday slowly passes, yet there’s no visible change.
Thoughts, images, and pain still linger.
Years have gone by, but the mark has been made.
The past is over, but not out of sight.

Your face appears, even as I sleep.
My dreams, haunted by what had occurred.
Trust, and love, taken and destroyed.
Battered by hands that went too far.

An uncle who crossed the line of love.
Stepped, into the darkness of evil.
Turned into me, and took away innocence.
Crushed a love I thought was kind.

A mother - daughter connection, broken like glass.
Disintegrating more with every move.
Living in fear, of what’s to come.
Abuse, pain, words made to sting.

Scars cover my body.
Years of pain that show the anguish.
Each mark telling a different story.
Past, present, and future.

Each day is that of uncertainty.
Filled with pain, suffering, and flashbacks.
Faces that I dont want to see.
Voices I cant bare to hear.


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