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I was going to head this " night-worker hell " but in spite the lousy conditions, working outside in all weathers, i really don't mind working nights. It's the week-end that causes the most problems. How to adjust to some semblance of normality for just two days. Now that can ​be, a bitch. By the time six am arrives on a Saturday morning i'm just about done but there's still a long way to go before i can acknowledge that it is weekend.
Having clocked out and passed through those front gates, back into the real world, i have a twenty five minute march, most of it being up one very mean hill to my bus-stop and by the time i reach the summit the cracks are starting to appear. Shall i make it home today without falling asleep during the bus-ride and end up catching another bus to back-track home. I usually manage to get home without nodding off and the embarrassing occurrence of my over-running my home stop is not totally unheard of, but my energy levels are slipping into the red now. I'm running on empty but there's still much to do.
Having got myself home and drunk my customary mug of strong sweet tea, swiftly followed by a mug of strong coffee, i have an hour kill before i set out on my shopping-trip to Asda's in Stugely, and that is , ​a killer.
It's funny, i don't know how it is with other night-workers but as i leave home with my shopping-list and bag, my mind seems to go into overdrive, i some how find another gear. I'm off to the shops and this part of the week sees me on a well-trodden path. I have a routine, i don't take kindly to interruptions or sidetracks nor do i suffer fools gladly. I'm on a mission now. Get done, get home, and kick those damned boots off. So long as it all goes to plan i feel okay. This energy-surge usually lasts all morning.
All that remains is for me to get home, cook enough grub to last me right through to Monday morning and finally, ​put away those size tens.

So, jobs done. Weekend. Yes! I switch on and log in, eat my first meal of the day, drink a mug of coffee and i sit at my computer, checkout the WF forums then peruse various sporting markets with a view to having a flutter and the Pear juice begins to flow.

" Your pissed ."
She'll say accusingly at around three pm and that startles me. I must have nodded off.
" I'm not pissed, i'm just tired."
She know's that of course, it's just a little joke but i'm on borrowed time now. I'm totally worn out and it's simply a matter of how long before i crash. I slept until gone three today, on this Sunday afternoon. I didn't intend to. I didn't want to but here we are and that will have an impact on how i sleep tonight. How ever i sleep on a Sunday night i shall get through and another week will ensue.

I've probably posted something similar to this before but it's how i'm feeling right now,



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