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Newborn Kittens

Newborn Kittens

Soft fur and still worming around
exploring the place while still blind
a world that has them sound surround
not wanting to be cofined.

The runt of the litter
cries for the milk
that doesnt come in glitter
but warm as silk.

Two of the kittens look like one
of the parents in the house
but one looks different than done
Gray, coumouflaged ready to pounce.

Black is the runt
getting it from its mother
Tabby stripes is the brother
like its father who was also a runt.

The father has no clue
on how to be a father
so he doesnt know what to do.
but he doesnt want to be pelted leather.

The mother is trying her best
to feed the kittens
with having to fest
in the enclosed kitchen.

Newborn that they may be
Life has never been the same
Being the mother for a few hours has she
for the kittens would never know fame.


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