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New Shoes

Was in the city centre yesterday..bought a book and went in the Wok to Noodle and sat facing out eating away..opposite is a Oxfam shop..anyway I get out my pad and write a few lines then went into a pencil scetch...a guy places his mat down crosses his legs and starts playing his flute as his dog lies down beside him...he clocks me watching him and when I leave I walk over and give him my money..never asked him his story or commented on his dog....never got me shoes but felt good about myself giving him the money instead..eating Sunday lunch today I thought about him and hoped life treats him better regardless of his story.


Indeed ... especially with winter almost upon us. But I hope you get the shoes, as well. :)
got me new shoes....well shoe boot really..suede brown brogues.....should last one night before there trodden on the dance floor.
in the city today an it's bedlam...guy selling the big issue getting his photo taken with a few girls..party hats on the lot avin a good time..they give him some money an i thought one day i hope it's you standing there selling the big issue and someone's takin a pick with you.

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