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New poetry

"Wet hat..."

The Admiral pulled the hat from the water.
The water had softened the straw weave, it had lost it's woven shape.
The captain put the dripping hat on his head,
smiled wide under the wide brim.
"You know why they call it the drink? The ocean?"
The hat was wrinkled...
"It's not because you drink it, it's too salty to drink, it'll drive you crazy."
The hat dripped...
"Every sea-man drinks it in an unliteral sense, everyday, and it still drives you crazy."
The captain smiled wide under the wide brim of the wrinkled, dripping hat.
It had touched the sea and lost its woven shape.


I saw chinese dragons,
with whiskers like catfish and horns like stags,
coiling bodies covered in scales.

I saw mighty angels
dancing with skeletons,
feathers mingling with bone,
falling pieces forming into small birds.

I saw mountains in the distance,
clouds whose peaks I'd never reach,
but I saw them nonetheless,
a dream unrealized, but dreamt nonetheless.


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