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New-old curse words: pox etc. (language alright)

More bad news…
Cancer again, this time tumors in the liver.

Talk about curse-words; Cancer, tumor, fucking-chemo, radiation, son-of-a-bitch… how’s that?! Who invented this shit? What possible purpose does cancer have? Fuck you, it’s fucking bullshit.

Fucking old-people… you get us to like you, care about you, and then you go and die on us. Fuck that, fucking bullshit. Don’t fucking die. How about that?!

Fucking sucks… that’s all I got to say. Son of a bitch… okay.


Damn, bro - thoughts are with you. Doesn't mean much but you've got some family here.... all the best from CO -
A good friend of mine has leukemia... damn man, I'm sorry to hear. Stay strong, as I will for you. <3

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