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New member as of last night, my first blog post

So, officially a new member of this writer's site. Glad to be here. I've tried a few other sites like this but have found them time-wasters because they didn't have organized instructions on how to use the functions and the site structure itself was not intuitive to use and from my experience there wasn't really any on-line help available. Not so here, so I'm giving you a try. So far impressed.

Now, on to the good stuff. So, I'm looking forward to having a place to get honest, constructive, professional input and guidance on my poetry writing. I have been writing all my life (well, since I was about 14 which is a long time ago), but there is still (always isn't there?) room for improvement. I haven't had the luxury of having majored in English Lit for college, had to take the basic life survival route, like how to make money and raise a kid on my own kind of thing.

Still don't have the money for laying out hundreds of dollars for writing classes, so here I am teaching myself as I always have and looking for help where I can get it. We all need mentors, right?

So, that's my first blog for today on writingforums.com. Till next time........


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