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New hair,new me...

I find it amazing that just a little change can make a huge difference to your mind set. So today I went and got my hair cut back into a bob, for the last five years I have had long hair and not felt completly myself, however moments after having my long locks chopped off, I felt more like my old self. Yes, that's right folks I am even more positive and chirpy. Not to mention feeling freer.

So here is my new look, rocking the natural curls today.
View attachment 21783

And now straight. :)

View attachment 21819

Sorry for the sideways photo but it won't upload any other way round no matter which way I rotate the photograph,


That honour goes to my beloved, but you could have the second, I'll write it on my dance card. :)
Not wavy no It's naturally curly, goes into corkcrew curls, but I do like it wavy, going to see what it looks like straight tomorrow, will post another pic. :D I think I have had it ut too shiort for my curls to show on camera right now. I'm glad it looks good, love having short hair again, :)
Corkscrew curls could be quirky! Break free :)

Unfortunately, my hair is poker straight. Given a choice I'd love hair like an exploded Brillo pad. :) *laughing* when I was your age I had a perm... not a good idea when you have 'super' fine hair. :)
Hahaha yes they do I suppose Esc, my other half would probably agree that he got lucky.

Darren that could be the fate of any kids that me and other half have as his father's hair is very tight curls that go into an afro, couple that with my curls and you have ubber curly haired children lol.

Tina it is so satisfying hearing the sissors go and feeling the hair drop away. :D
Yes, very nice cut! Looks cute on you!

My face doesn't lend well to a bob. Last one I got was quite short. My sons weren't impressed, hubby said nothing, so I guess he wasn't really either. My youngest took one look as I came in the door, and exclaimed, "Why did you do that???" [I think I said the same about one of his cuts not too long before that. Yeah, I didn't like his mushroom look at all!]

My hair is string straight. And not terribly thick. I recently got my mine done after growing it out for a while. Like you, I didn't feel like me. Actually, I didn't feel like me again until the cut had grown out a bit. Now, I feel like me!

The picture I have here is me with the cut I wish I could get each time, but alas, I haven't found anyone who can/will do it like that. But with this cut, I think I'm a step closer to it, so I'll keep this person for the time being. She got the sides right, but cut it a bit shorter than I wanted. One perk is the senior discount she offers on Sundays and Mondays.
escorial;bt12765 said:
Wonder if PiP would like a boogie woogie on the dance floor...

I am always up for a boogie woogie, esc. Although my zimmer frame might come between us :)
We're all rockiung the short hair, booging is awesome who wouldn't be up for it. Pus I think we here at wf could all dance the night away if we got together hahaha we would be a riot.

I used to wish for poker straight hair, my world changed when I found straightners, lol I could finally chose. In high schoool my hair was unruly and frizzy so straightners were a godsend.

Ah Anita i have the unfortune of also having thick hair, I have to have it thined out when i get it cut and have layers put into it also just to take out the weight. Warm in the winter though.
Ha ha! I have to have layers put in to make it look thicker! Thyroid issues caused some hair loss, so now I'm fearing the day it all falls out and I need hats or wigs or something to hide in . . .
I refused to dye my hair because /I was afraid it would all fall out and go very thin like my mum's.Hey there are some fantastic wigs about now that you can get. You can have a new hair style everyday. :D Layres are used for everythign it would seem Anita.

A Wf Ball would be awesome Esc but /I think planing it could be a logistical nightmare, like where would we hold it?
Ummm, could you straighten the photo, please? You look very cute! But I need to not have to turn my head sideways to get a good look!

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