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Never judge a book by its cover?!!!

Never Judge a book by its cover!!!!!!
I am thinking of a front cover. The book is set mostly in Goa in India and I wonder what should be on the front cover. Do people really judge a book by its cover? Surely it is the first thing you see when you walk into a book shop. Something on the front cover makes you pick it up, a bit like a girl or boy you may happen to meet on a night out in a bar. It’s all based on looks at this point, but then you get chatting, or reading the back of the book. That hooks you or it doesn’t the decision is yours. It is the combination of the two that make you want to take it home. How often do you pick up a book with the dullest of book covers and the back blurb make you want to take it home? It happens I am not saying it doesn’t but remember I am self publishing so it will not be competing in a line of other glossy front covers in attractive colours and designs. Maybe people will read the spiel before they actually see the cover- A bit like a literal blind date! Now there is a business idea!!!
I have read some self publishing reviews and they all say use you own image for the front cover they warn not to pick from the art work they have. So I need to jet off- find a good scene that draws the reader in, makes sure when a reader sees the front cover they pick my book. Ideas and thoughts are welcome- what would make you pick out a book???
I have looked through my library of books and I have to admit mostly its art- rarely does a photo depict the front cover- and what I recollect is tones of blues and oranges- Have I made this up? Books come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but I need the correct book cover. Help me!!! The novel is set in Goa and England. The Protagonist is a single female, the story involves love which turns into something more sinister- think illegal activities. Any inspiration would help!


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