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Never brush your teeth with Icy Hot

Distractions, even in your own home, come at a price. My mind was so busy with thoughts of things that I needed to do today. I was actually carrying on a conversation in my head, while I reached for the tube of toothpaste. I had it on the brush and in my mouth before I realized something wasn't right here. Looking closer at the tube I had just set down, I saw it was Icy Hot.
Wow! This stuff really works! My mouth was certainly icy and hot. Thankfully, I had only brushed the left side of my mouth and was able to spit it out before further icy hotness ensued. :tongue:


* grinning *

I've rubbed Preparation H on my face before. I found out years later some women actually do it on purpose to lessen their pores. lol

Enjoyed reading this Darlin :)

Oh and Btw ... Just looked at your pic, and you are absolutely stunning ! The outside you matches the inside you wonderfully :)
Good advice...I just moved the Icy Hot away from the toothpaste. Considering that I nearly coated my toothbrush with deodorant once while talking with my husband (he was watching, fascinated, to see if I would actually do it) I can certainly relate.

Love the pic, Gumby. :)
I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person who has experienced a... um... personal grooming incident. :) I admire both of you, so I consider myself in good company.

Maggie, thanks for the sweet compliment. I used to be somewhat stunning, now I'm just a well preserved older lady. :)

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