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The guy next door was out walking a new puppy.

Cute doggy, but that's another checkmark against him. What happened to the other one? There was another dog they had, and I remember he was a runner.

There's something wrong or lacking with those who can't train a dog. I may be a bastard for saying that, but that's what I believe. If you can't train a dog to not bolt, don't have a dog.

He came at me with some crap about blocking the road , illegal work , and that he with two other neighbors were writing a letter. The least I could do he said, was warn them ahead of time.

I wondered who the letter was to.

The gas company is jack hammering the road. They are making the connections, not blocking the road. Everyone can pass through.

There were a lot of things I could've said to him but all I said was "Okay".

I lied. I won't be warning him of anything. Everything is permitted, as the owner had paid for all of them- the permits. A permit gives us perm- mis- sion.

Sorry, but literally that is life in the big city: jackhammers and construction- for as long as the property values hold.

So I zenned it. I was beyond arguing. "Okay", I said. That was all.

Even though the fucker had thrown his old matress over the fence into our trash pile without asking; had thrown his fucken jack-o-lantern with a candle through the window without a window of our still just framed building almost a fucken year ago; sits out there wake 'n' bake every morning, coughing away- sounds like he's got tuberculosis- I really don't care.

I'm so fucken above all that in the fucken astral plane.

Ya, I'm the fucken pilot, see?



I wanted to vent on him, but I just dropped it. I get that he's annoyed at jackhammers. I was at this lady's house in another neighborhood literally across the alley from the former playboy mansion- it's like canyons covered in thick 30' tall landscape greenery, big big lots with older... estates. Her house was 1930's, really cool, 5, 6 thousand sq ft. and we were outside- couldn't even hear each other. It sounded like a war zone , the jackhammers echoing. She said it was the worst ever in her 15 years there. They're knocking down the old homes and making them bigger, Anyway...that's the reality. The city takes the money from the permits and the people build or re-build.
Neighbours, who needs 'em?

Although mine, I say grudging, aren't so bad right now.
To my right, over the years, they've come and they've gone. Over the years, quite a few people have moved in an out but amazingly, maybe they didn't/don't like us, they've always kept themselves to themselves. We exchanged pleasantries and do now, if and when we run into each other and that's it really.

The people to our left, have been there longer that we've been in our's, thirty years or more and they're awful people but you can't do anything about ageing and they've mellowed. I DO sometimes wish I'd gone round there and hospitalised him years ago but that's not me and so, over the years, we've taken the shit and it looks as though the old bastard might live to be a hundred.

But, you can't let them grind you down. And life goes on.
My nearest neighbor is a half mile away. There are three of us up here on the hill all spaced out about the same distance...Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am.

I am sure I am not the perfect neighbor. I have a rifle and pistol range in my back yard. At one time I raised coon hounds. I am a phone call away if any of then ever need anything and I drop in once in awhile to just visit from time to time. I am sure living in the country makes a difference on how you view your neighbors. We are far enough apart where when something goes wrong that is who you call when things go wrong, and far enough apart where there is no need for some kind of separation. They keep and eye on my place and I do the same for them.

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