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Fear and anxiety, they wanted to stab me, and I'd agreed to it. The things I do for her...

"In the event of your death, you ( me) are underinsured. She ( her, you know...that woman I married) will run out of money by blah blah-blah blah..." "Alright, how much ( more do I pay )?"

So, today an agent sub contracted by the life insurance company came to interview and draw blood.

What is this turbulence, you ask?

It it is the blood drawing part, the actual action of sticking a pointy tube through my skin into my vein. I don't like it--f-ing gross! And, the last time I had someone come to the house she stabbed it right on through and out the backside. In other words she fucked it up. My blood pressure is up now and I'm angry. Some hack, uncaring, incompetent, and that's my body! It's an assault. Fucking big ole bruise afterward. Shit!

So...anyway. This guy didn't fuck it up. I survived.


Shoot. I couldn't attached this:

When my daughter was in medical school I drew cartoons about her ordeal. It made her laugh, and took the stress off (well, a little). Anyway, one of the cartoons showed the backs of two huge, burley guys standing over her, while she laid flat out, on the floor. One guy had FEAR, on his back, the other ANXIETY. The caption: Don't Let The Bastards Get You!

(When blood is drawn I find it best to watch. Ain't nothin' as bad as your imagination can make it. Trust me. Look... That worked last year when my 11 year old granddaughter had to have 12 vials taken, at once. She always watches now.)

I don't shy away from pain or blood. But some things gross me out. For instance I once cut myself not bad on the finger with a n exacto-knife. As I was getting something to stop it from making a mess everywhere I was looking at the cut. It was like a paper cut, and then next thing I knew the whole world was dropping out from under me. Shock, over a stupid paper cut. Wth?! Anyway, our minds and bodies are funny/strange. I've had much gruesomer wounds that bled more, no reaction. I don't know why but needles in the vein bother me. Just something wrong about violating vein walls. A half-dozen acupuncture needles are not even uncomfortable, elbows, ear, face, hand, but one fatty in the arm--ee-yechhh!
I'm with sas. I always watch.
I've donated a lot of blood. The phlebotomist just as to aim for that small scar in the middle of my arm. Easy peasy.
But, my blood is as thick as Ragu, an clots instantly.

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