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Just a minor rant:

Does anyone in the "developed world" have a true understanding of the concept of a 'need'?

There is so much unhappiness, because people WANT what they do not have. The problem is that they lie to themselves and say that they NEED something.

Let me cut right to it. If you are totally alone, destitute, with no hope of improvement... you can be happy. If you choose to be. Stop looking at others as some kind of ridiculous, masochistic benchmark of happiness. A degree to prove your intellect to others? Money? IMHO, most folks NEED a challenge, a purpose and a path. Not a destination.
And you sure in the hec don't need a 'thing'. Phone, car, big house? No. You need to be dry, warm and fed. You need physical and intellectual stimulation. You can get that by reading a book. Talking to others, over a coffee (one that you brewed yourself). An occasional, torrid love affair as opposed to constant, meaningless hook-ups. Walk and observe the beauty around you. Appreciate what is already there before cramming more stuff into your life. Try "Like" ing that.

Daniel Tosh said it best:
"People getting plastic surgery, for self-improvement? I challenge you to go to any Third-World country, not a 'boob-job' in the bunch. Yet, somehow, they find happiness. How boring is that?"

The only "need" most folks have is to evaluate how polluted their lives have become with "wants".


:) Well, I would say that there are certainly things people need, and you should definitely turn over a few tables if you aren't getting it...

But I definitely get what you are saying as well. If we could cut back more on what we want, things might just be better for ourselves and everyone else around us. Maybe...

If you are totally alone, destitute, with no hope of improvement... you can be happy

^ That is the very definition of unhappiness, lol. I'd say you definitely needed something at that point.
Hold it right there mister.

You have 999 posts. Nine hundred and ninety nine - say it. One step over that rubicon, and you're a changed man... ;)

Aaaanyway - you're probably right about the subject of needs versus wants. But I consider the fact that my needs are largely met a major societal achievement, not some sort of character defect; I'm very grateful that I live a life where what constitutes a need for me is that Chateau on the Dordogne, or a fast car, or better internet. Grinding out a life of poverty on the banks of the Brahmaputra? No thanks. I don't see the virtue in it.

Rivers as metaphors though; rivers as symbols ... now that's something we all need more of.
i'm more of a want person than a need person...can't think of the last time i needed something but could not get it an i'm poor compared to all the people i know
kaminoshiyo;bt8441 said:

^ That is the very definition of unhappiness, lol. I'd say you definitely needed something at that point.

I beg to differ. There is much more to life than being happy and comfortable. Much more.
Mmm-yes. But comfort can mean mental comfort. I mean if your loved one is suffering then certainly you're not comfortable...unless you don't care.
That is a paradox, hmm? That you should have no cares for this world and its discomforts and yet not be selfish. It is a belief system, is it not? How, exactly, does one not care, yet have compassion? Like you could really not sense a true suffering of a child? Really? Sounds sociopathic. Conundrum... :)

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