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National Park

Hello, Park
Hello, trees.
Hello, Rangers chasing after a lark.
Hello, breeze.

National Park, so beautiful and green
So lush with birds and things.
Nature is so serene.
Let's see she will bring.

I lay in the grass
listening to the birds
playing with the breeze and doing aeries
casting shadows while going downwards.

Hearing wild buffalo
going past my way
eating grass while they grunt across the chateau.
What a beautiful day.

Seeing wolves go by
all in packs howling
as the buffalo pass an eye
on them as the wolves are near barking.

Then, nearby I hear some crackling
and I look up to see what's wrong
and what I see, I am baffling
to see a fire on dry grass seeming to take all year long.

I run in the direction of the Rangers
as the animals take off in fear
but before I got to where they were, I noticed some bikers
going through some deer.

They were coming from the spot I'd laid.
and there I stood in shock as I heard some shouting
coming from behind me and I looked to find a brigaid
of firemen as they did the water bombing.

I went with them to help
and there after the fire was out
the trees were almost gone as we heard a yelp
from one of the bear cubs with a pout.

There we saw the remains of its family
as we gently picked the bear up
and we noticed that the fur of the baby
bear was burned and reveiling a mockup

Of the bear that we all knew.
The bear that we see with what to do with a fire.
They handed me the bear with instructions on what to do.
As I went out of the park, I named the bear Desire.

And every day I bring Desire to the park
as to teach him where he came from
and to set a mark
so one day he can be calm.​


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