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name dropping, swilling heated brown water, caffeinated- dreading heading to work.


I once saw Hellboy, the actor.

I remember Katherine, from Beast and the Beauty, but what was his name? That was him, too, the Monster. It was so atmospheric, that show, so 'candelabra'. She was beautiful in that light.

He was driving in Los Felis.
I think he lives there.
She went on to marry James Cameron.
Then she got really buff, for Terminator Two, and
they got ugly.
I'd worked on his house, once, Cameron, years before. He was still with Bigelow.
I think I know her brother, a builder. We did a job in Malibu.
That was from so long ago, before she got big. I saw him once at Mammoth, just a few years-ago; smaller than I remembered.

I've never been up to the Hollywood sign.
Seems boring to hike in the city. There are vans, now, without roofs that are full of people. They drive those hills, daily, one after another. They pull over to look at houses while the drivers narrate.
I pass them at work.



Yeah, I did in home service up here for an upscale cleaning company. Mostly dealt with the estate "caretakers", "managers" and such. Didn't come in direct contact with too many rich and famous directly, that's why they hire staff.
One was a famous local musician. Legit guy. Liked old cars, skateboarding and was a real community member. Liked to play small clubs under pseudonyms.
I remember he was a big Who fan. And he got an MTV award (the little chrome astronaut figure), and he used that as a doorstop.
Once you get past the CCTV, security and non-disclosure agreements, they're regular folks.

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