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N.s. sure lock.

some minutes later, the couch's shivering blanket put aside- I am befuddled-muttering like Nigel Bruce:

...damned gadget
Beeped and booped, but didn't put out a single cup.

Very simple, Watson:
An issue with the hopper.

I fail to see any insects or 'roos?

Not that type, no, a mechanical funnel if you will, but square sided; an inverted pyramid whose down-pointed pinnacle is the location of the blades that grind those gravity-driven beans so you may have your every-morning.

The beans it seems we're not sliding, falling properly, and therefor the automated next-step addition of heated water- as was designed - failed to come.

It's quite ingenious really, this plastic light gauge stainless steel contraption, a brilliant convenience for those who'd wished to rose- rise- bright and shiny, thoroughly in-caffeinated.

Right, was my purpose that...
can't all rely on your 7- percent- I dare say,
have said it.

The issue, Watson - now remedied by my hand- was simply a stuck hopper.

'Grasshoppers' again, hmf...



kevin stop hiding behind the words and come out of hiding...be that legendary rock star i think you are...

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