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My yearly hair-cut....

The time is rapidly approaching now and once more I am faced with the getting the timing right. I have always, in the past, waited until June, or even as late as July, but, as I've aged my hair doesn't grow back as quickly or as thickly as it once might have , before I know it, the Autumn months quickly followed by Winter are upon us and I need all the hair-cover that I can muster.

I wonder if it will attract any comments this year. I shall have what is known as " the half cut ", reduced to the lowest possible stubble. Most people with whom I come into contact will know that this is something, like the passing of the seasons, that is simply part of life's cycle. They'll look with a kind of blankness and I'll just say " I've declared Summer ". There'll be a polite smile perhaps and that will that.

There aren't many new people in my routine this time around. The middle-aged woman who catches my bus every morning as I head home from work. She'll notice of course. We might even have a conversation, have a laugh or two. The young-woman cyclist who sometimes yells a " good morning " greeting as she passes, I usually respond with a " hello " , don't know if she ever hears me though, who races by on her way to work at a local Tesco store And that's about it really. Maybe she won't speak now.

Last year one bus-driver, as I'd boarded, reacted with " Wow! hair-cut or what? "
"I've had a bit of a trim" I replied.
" A TRIM? "
And then, when I'd started work one night, an office-employee had approached me and said " go on then, let's have a look. "
What? I'd asked.
" Your hair. "
And so I'd removed my hat.
"Fuckin 'ell " he'd said and we both laughed.
But again, nothing surprises anybody nowadays. We're all just another year older.

Life eh?


But again, nothing surprises anybody nowadays...

Sad but true. It's getting to the point that WHEN the aliens land, no one will panic much at all.

I work in a dirty area doing physical labour, so long hair isn't an option for me. Well, I've worn it short for many years now actually. Regardless, I've imagined some day growing it out again. My mum's side is from Puerto Rico, so thick wavy hair comes easy (even at my age).
Still, only cutting your hair once a year? I could see how that would be noticeable.
It's so much easier than trims. Just take it all of and start again. No fussing about style and to be honest I'm not really bothered about how it looks.

And by the way the weather seems to be shaping up for today, if the barber's shop isn't busy when I go by later, I shall probably get it done today. It all depends on how I'm feeling. We'll see.

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