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My Yardman

I never thought I'd have a yardman, but with my wife's health deteriorating I was too exhausted to do much else. In truth, I never liked yardwork - especially mowing a weed-whacking. It's boring as hell. I enjoy woolgathering while I'm walking the dog, but I might lose a toe if I tried it mowing.

Anyway, my yard guy is tall - he told me 6-4 - and so thin he could hide behind a soda straw. He putters around town on his riding mower with his other tools in a small trailer on back, picking up odd jobs. He can't see well out of one eye and is very sensitive to light - which I presume is one of the reasons he's on disability. A lot of guys "on the dole" as they say are lazy as sin; he's not. He also works on motors, whatever makes a buck.

He seems a nice guy, and is married. When we first came to this small town we were ripe for the picking - "Hey, look. City slickers. Hot damn, easy money."
He doesn't seem that way, and the last time he was here he took an old TV in trade for the work.

$40 a day for mowing and weed-whacking for a 100' x 50' lot. Not bad.


That's good, it lets you concentrate on the important things in your life a then any money is mine well spent. Thinking of you and your wife midnight. Take care.
Many years ago when my kids left the house, college done and they were now on their own. My wife went back to work in the school system. She had been bored working at home, she had done my books for years and acted as my secretary for three companies. She wanted out of the house, as we had a home office. She announced to me that now that she was back to work that we needed to split up the household chores between us.

It seemed only fair.

I asked her to make a list of all the jobs she thought I should take care. I put the list in my pocket and told her I would take care of it...She smiled and looked at me with loving eyes.

The next day I hired Edna she would take care of the list of chores and lots of other stuff. I was met with a little resistance at first, but reminded my wife I fix the problems for a living and as far as I was concerned, this one was fixed. Edna was one of the best house keepers we ever had and soon became part of our family.

There is a lot to be said for being able to hire an expert
My first wife would through he hands up in dispair. It eas all to hard. The kids the housework cooking. I would say i will cooktonight honey. Leave to me and bring home takeaways
she was always annoyed that i had not suffered in the process of putting food onthe table

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