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My Vote: No Crying in Baseball

I enjoyed the All Star Game last week. Fans vote for the best players in Baseball to compete and show off their skills; It's fun to watch. I especially liked the fact that my San Francisco Giants players, representing the National League, clobbered their American League counterparts. Boo-ya!

What I didn't like was the repeated references by the sportscasters covering the game. Numerous times, the talking heads complained that the SF Giants fans had "stuffed the ballot box" to get extra Giant players on the team. Their implied suggestion was that there was something illegal done by fervent Giants fans to influence the voting. What a load of rubbish.

First off, every team's fans have the same rules for voting. While there are paper ballots still used, a majority of votes are cast on-line (this is the 21st Century, duh.). Yes, the Giants are from the tech-savvy Bay Area, so are the Oakland A's. And The Seattle Mariner's live right next door to Bill Gates. Anyone, anywhere could tamper with their teams results to affect the outcome. Unless you have some proof, shut yer pie hole and take it like a man. You got out voted.

For that matter, San Francisco is one of the smaller metro markets in Baseball. And we share that market with Oakland. If mega teams like the Yankees or Red Sox, in large cities, can't vote in as many players, whose fault is that? You want to cover your lousy fans by implying that Giant fans are dishonest? That is beyond pathetic. Next time, don't be so damn lazy, and take the time to vote.

It's amazing what a little hard work can result it. Or, you can sit on your butts, point fingers and complain. Hope that works for all you haters. See you in October.

Afterthought: I see a vison, hazy, about different voting in November. Same issue. I'll pre-emptively tell you ahead of time to quit yer beeatchin.


I'll go out to the ballpark and I'll punch the paper card.
I think my guy is better, though the stat-geeks disagree.
He's got a lot of hustle and he's working really hard;
I want him in the spotlight so that everyone can see.

Why should I cast a ballot if it doesn't really count?
The guys who vote online can cast two dozen votes a day
(They actually get twenty-five per e-mail account).
On paper I cannot keep up--there really is no way.

I have to vote my conscience as a knowledgeable fan.
The odds are stacked against me and I know it will be tough.
But even so I feel that I must do the best I can
To let the world know that I believe he's good enough.
Thanks. IMHO, baseball is the official sport of poets. And good looking, smart, humble people :grin:

And if you really like your guy, vote early and vote often, ala the "Chicago Way".

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